YESSS! Our iTherapy technology is the best in the world according to worlds`  innovation association!

This October in ISIF Turkey, we have received gold medals for the best world innovation. We are very proud of this succes and will continue to explore our technology to improve quality of indoor life. 

our sales manager receiving the medal

our team

all the medals

our innovator

As humans we spend 90% of our  time indoors. Indoor air is 2-5* more  polluted than outdoor air. Most of us have some kind of breathing, asmathic issues, caused by polluted air. 

We invented technology that can help you improve your indoor space air quality. 

With our 3 models we covered office, room, and house space, but we also use our iTherapy technology for industry spaces such as hotels, gym, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, etc.. These we treat as special projects and we will offer you solution that is made only for your needs. You can check industry projects on the link.